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At present our company operating timber can be divided into 2 categories:softwood and hardwood

Hoop pine
(Soft Wood)

Australia Radiata Pine
(Soft Wood)

Iron Bark
(Hard Wood)

Spotted gum
(Hard Wood)

Forest Corporation New South Wales (FCNSW)。

Forestry Corporation of NSW is the largest manager of commercial native and plantation forests in NSW. Managing more than two million hectares of forests for the economic, environmental and social benefit of the people of NSW and Australia. FCNSW is a major force in the state's timber industry which contributes nearly $3 billion to the NSW economy annually. 
Forestry Corporation came into being on 1 January 2013 when Forests NSW was corporatised. As a state owned corporation FCNSW are publicly owned and under the direction of a skilled commercial board. Forestry Corporation focuses on its core business of growing and harvesting timber to meet the community's needs for hardwood and softwood products while ensuring the environment is protected and the forests offer recreation opportunities for community.

Shanghai Donghong (SHDH) Pty Ltd is an Australian – Sydney based timber trading company. The company was established in March 2012. Since then SHDH has grown into one of the Australia’s leading timber exporters, with three major business units: The Softwood Division, which focusing on exporting Australian pine logs species, The Hardwood division, supplying Australian hardwood species to international timber markets, and the Lumber Division, which coordinating SHDH's vast domestic networks, to proceed Australian timber for international lumber demand. At present, there are over 20 employees working for SHDH at 3 different office locations. The head office of SHDH is in Sydney and its operational office is based in Newcastle. SHDH has a strong sales team in Shanghai (China) providing sales support and excellent customer services to our valuable customers in China. SHDH is now poised for another giant leap forward, oriented to be an Australian leader in timber export, SHDH is setting up a new office in Vietnam, extending Australian timber to the South East Asian market. As a consecutive finalist for Premier of NSW’s Export Awards for year 2014 and 2015, SHDH is dedicated to its commitment in international trading, and meanwhile actively develop new markets and educate buyers of Australian timber. Currently, SHDH is exporting about 75 containers (approximately 2,100 Tonnes) of Australian timber logs weekly to Asian countries. SHDH is committed to supply high quality Australian timber products and be recognised as premier timber exporter in the international market.





Increase carbon credits for increased forestry

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued two penalty notices to Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW) for harming a threatened species during harvesting operations…


Cloning 3000 year old trees

After 20 years David Milarch believes he’s zeroed in on what it takes to clone a 3000-year-old tree. Source: ABC Net


EPA fines NSW Forestry

A Marlborough New Zealand forestry consultant supports an increase in the value of carbon credits to encourage more trees to be planted. Source: The Marlborough Express…



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