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Hoop pine

Hoop pine is a native Australian softwood widely found in Queensland, mainly used for construction purposes, and also interiors and furniture. It is also known as Queensland Pine, Colonial Pine and Moreton Bay Pine.


North-East NSW,  Southern  Queensland,  and mountainous areas of Papua New  Guinea         .

Wood appearance

Hoop pine is a straight grained wood, evenly textured and very fine. The growth rings are not distinct, but visible and the figure is mottled and plain. The heartwood colour ranges from light yellow brown to pale cream. The sapwood colour is almost white, a little darker.

Wood density

560 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content; approximately 1.7m3 of seasoned sawn timber per tone


Engineering. Preservative treated poles for pole frame construction, power poles.

Construction. Softwood is generally used as seasoned dressed timber for house framing, flooring, lining, mouldings, and laminated beams. Preservative impregnated for external or round form in fencing, pergolas, landscaping, retaining walls, and playground equipment. Also used as structural plywood and particleboard.

Decorative. Furniture, plywood, joinery, turnery, carving.

Others. Boat building (masts, planking, deck beams, frames, marine plywood), aircraft construction, wood wool, paper products, arrow shafts, broom handles, cooperage, beehives, brush ware, downing, blind rollers, draughtsman’s implements, boat oars, musical instruments (violin and guitar bellies), scaffold planks, match splints.



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