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Princess Tower is considered to be the 2nd largest when it

Blasting It out of Their Hands: Played straight pretty much every time, except in the ’90s when the Scandinavian version went for a period of Darker and Edgier (if a comparatively mild one). Bluffing the Advance Scout: In the 1970s stor …

This is how John lets it slip out that Lady Bousim has been

Both have dark hair and compulsions to tease and harass the heroine. Team Chef: Early on, Kyle volunteers to prepare all the meals while he and Ashe stay in the twins’ apartment in order to shield Ashe, who has seldom ever entered a kit …

Be sure to plan a trip to the clock once you’ve settled in

Disappointed by the Motive: In Issue 41, Raven is disappointed that Kitten’s evil alter egos were just a way to get her father’s attention. Distaff Counterpart: Issue 41, “Bad Girls”, introduces Pink X, Mad Maud, Joystick, Marionette, a …



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